What's CAP?


CAP is a decentralized trading protocol designed to be powerful and easy to use.

  • Trade crypto and forex perpetuals directly from your Web3 wallet.

    • Use ETH or USDC as collateral for your orders.

    • Go long to profit from prices rising or short to profit from prices falling.

    • Select leverage up to 100× to multiply potential profits and losses.

    • Earn rewards based on your trading volume.

  • Pool funds to make real yield.

    • Provide ETH or USDC liquidity to traders.

    • Pools pay out trader profits and receive traders losses + 40% of fees.

    • Collect rewards directly in ETH or USDC.


Everyone should be able to partake in the wealth creation made possible by the free markets. On CAP, value is transparently distributed among participants. You can choose to participate based on your own level of risk tolerance:

  • Trade — high-risk, high reward. For active traders who can handle high leverage, rollercoaster volatility, and the profits and losses that come with it.

  • Pool — medium-risk, medium-term reward. For liquidity providers looking for real yield with some degree of risk. Trader gains might dent pool returns in the short run but expected returns are positive in the medium-term due to aggregate trader losses and fees.

  • Stake — low-risk, long-term reward. For investors who believe in the long-term prospects of the protocol and seek a moderate income with low risk.

Flow Chart

Community Leaders

  • Kappa (core dev)

    • Discord: κappa#8972

  • Nachocito (biz dev)

    • Discord: nachocito#1587

    • Telegram: nachocito

  • 0xdark (OG)

    • Discord: 0xdark#4987

  • M M (OG)

    • Discord: M M#7718

  • Mong Loid (OG)

    • Discord: Mong Loid#5148

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