You can buy or sell CAP tokens by trading directly over-the-counter.


  • Avoid high DEX fees

  • Avoid potential slippage for large orders

  • Guaranteed liquidity and price known ahead of time

  • Buy or sell CAP in cryptos other than ETH


To maintain operational efficiency, the minimum trade size is 100 CAP and the maximum trade size is 5,000 CAP.

How It Works

  • Reach out to us at otc@cap.finance! In your message, include the amount of CAP you want to buy or sell and the currency you want to settle in (it can be: ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI, or WBTC).

  • We'll respond to you with a quote for the trade that you can accept or reject. The quote is based off the current CAP market price plus a spread to cover for volatility and liquidity risk, and the cost of operations.

  • If you accept the quote, we'll set up a private escrow, or (if you prefer) a decentralized OTC trade through Airswap. You will usually have up to 6 hours to complete the trade.

  • All trades are settled on Arbitrum One or Ethereum mainnet.

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